A Beginner’s Guide to POE Trade

Trading plays a crucial role in your Path of Exile (POE) journey. But with all those fancy currencies and cryptic item listings, it can feel overwhelming at first. Fear not, for I’m here to demystify the world of POE trade and equip you with the knowledge to become a bartering champion!

The Goods and the Currency:

POE ditches the traditional gold coins. Instead, you’ll trade using a variety of unique currencies, each serving a specific purpose.

  • Orbs: From the common Chaos Orb, used for general item purchases, to the rarer Exalted Orb, coveted for high-value items, these orbs hold the key to acquiring the gear you desire.
  • Currency Shards and Fragments: Think of these as smaller denominations of orbs. You can collect and combine them to form the full-fledged orbs, making them perfect for smaller transactions.
  • Maps and Unique Items: While not strictly “currency,” these valuable items can also be used in trades, especially for high-end gear or specific crafting needs.

What is the Poe Trade?

POE trade refers to the system within the game Path of Exile (POE) that allows players to exchange items and resources with each other. Unlike many online games with auction houses or in-game shops, POE doesn’t have a centralized trading system.

Trading Methods:

POE offers two primary methods:

Direct Trading:

This method involves manually finding another player who owns the item you need and offering them the desired price in the form of specific currencies used within the game. Players can find each other through:

  • The official POE trade website: This website allows players to search for specific items based on various filters like type, rarity, mods, and desired currency.
  • In-game trade chat channels: Players can join dedicated chat channels within the game specifically for trading purposes.

Premium Stash Tabs: 

Players can purchase special “stash tabs” with real money through the in-game store. These tabs allow players to publicly list their items for sale, displaying them along with the desired price and preferred currency. Other players can then browse these listings and initiate a trade directly through the game interface.

Important Points:

  • Haggling is encouraged: Be respectful but don’t be afraid to negotiate on price, especially for high-value items.
  • Clarity is key: When searching or listing items, clearly describe their details and desired price/currency.
  • Stay safe: Never share your account information and be wary of scams. If something feels off, trust your gut and walk away.

Item Listings and Transactions:

There are two ways you can share information about specific items with other players:

1. Linking Items in Chat:

  • Hold down “Ctrl” and right-click on the desired item in your inventory.
  • This will automatically generate a chat message with the item’s name, basic stats, and a link that others can click to view its full details in-game.

2. Sharing Item Listings (Premium Stash Tabs only):

  • If you’ve listed an item for sale using a Premium Stash Tab, you can share the full listing with others.
  • Open the “Trade” panel within the game (accessed through the currency symbol icon).
  • Click on the desired listed item.
  • You’ll see a “Share” button, which allows you to copy the link to the listing. This link can then be shared with other players through chat or other platforms.

Here are some examples of calculations you might encounter or perform while playing:

1. Average Damage per Second (DPS):

This calculation helps estimate the damage output of a weapon over time. Here’s a simplified formula:

Average DPS = (Average Weapon Damage) * (Attack Speed)

2. Skill Gem Damage Scaling:

Some skill gems scale their damage based on specific character stats. For example, a “Fireball” gem might increase its damage based on your character’s “Intelligence” stat. The exact formula varies based on the specific skill, and the game doesn’t explicitly display them. However, experienced players often rely on external resources and community knowledge to understand these scaling mechanics.

3. Crafting Costs:

Certain crafting mechanics in POE involve using various currencies to modify item properties. The cost of these modifications often scales based on the item’s rarity and the desired effect. While there’s no single formula, players learn the general cost ranges through experience and by consulting community resources.

POE Trade Tools:

The passionate community has developed various tools to enhance the player-driven trading experience. Here are some popular POE trade tools:

1. Official Path of Exile Trade Website:

This is the official platform provided by Grinding Gear Games, the developers of POE.

  • Functionality:
    • Search for specific items by name, mods, rarity, and desired currency.
    • Filter results based on various criteria for efficient searching.
    • Contact sellers through in-game messages to initiate trades.

2. Awakened POE Trade (Community-developed):

This third-party tool offers many features similar to the official website but with some additional functionalities.

  • Functionality:
    • Similar search and filtering options as the official website.
    • Price checking tool that estimates the value of your items based on recent trades.
    • Currency conversion tool to help compare different currencies.

3. Currency Trading Websites:

These websites specialize in facilitating trades between players for specific currencies.

  • Functionality:
    • Users list their desired currency and offer other items in exchange.
    • Browse listings from other players seeking the currency you possess.
    • Can be useful for acquiring specific currencies without directly searching for individual items.

4. In-game Trade Chat Channels:

These are dedicated channels within the game specifically for advertising items and seeking trades.

  • Functionality:
    • Players post messages describing the items they offer or seek, along with their preferred price and currency.
    • Requires manual searching through messages and initiating contact with interested players.

5. Other Community Resources:

Numerous online resources exist, such as forums and community discussions, where players share information about item pricing trends, trading strategies, and recommendations for specific trade tools.

 Buying Items from Players in Path of Exile (POE)

Here’s how to buy items from players in POE:

  1. Find the item: Use the official trade website or community tools, filtering by name, rarity, mods, and currency.
  2. Contact the seller: Whisper them on the website or in-game chat.
  3. Negotiate the price: Be respectful and fair.
  4. Meet up: Join their party and travel to their hideout.
  5. Double-check and trade: Ensure the item matches the listing, then accept the trade.


Path of Exile’s unique trading system relies on player interaction. Utilize the official trade website or community tools to find desired items, negotiate prices fairly, and meet sellers in-game for safe and successful trades. Remember, practice, communication, and respecting fellow Exiles are key to navigating this vibrant marketplace.

References for Path of Exile Trade:

Official Resources:

Community Resources:


1. How do I trade in Path of Exile (POE)?

POE utilizes a player-driven trading system, meaning there’s no central auction house. You have two main options:
Direct Trading:Find sellers through the official trade website or in-game chat channels.
Negotiate the price and currency directly with the seller.
Meet up in-game at their hideout to complete the trade.
Premium Stash Tabs (optional):Purchase special tabs to publicly list items for sale in-game.
Set your desired price and preferred currency.
Other players can browse your listings and initiate a trade directly.

2. Why did Path of Exile trade not shut down?

There was likely a misunderstanding. Path of Exile’s trading system has never shut down and remains an integral part of the game. It continues to be player-driven, with the official website and community tools facilitating communication and searchability between players.

3. How do I list items for sale in POE trade?

You can only list items for sale publicly if you have purchased Premium Stash Tabs. These tabs allow you to:
Access the “Trade” panel within the game (currency symbol icon).
Select the desired item and choose “List for Sale.”
Set the price and preferred currency.
Your listed items will be visible to other players browsing the trade interface.

4. How do I buy items from other players in POE?

Here’s how to buy from other players:
Find the desired item: Use the official trade website or community tools, filtering by name, rarity, mods, and currency.
Contact the seller: Send them a message through the website or in-game chat channels.
Negotiate the price: Be respectful and fair in your negotiations.
Meet up in-game: Join their party and travel to their hideout.
Double-check and trade: Ensure the item matches the listing before accepting the trade.

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