Exploring El Paso Tx zip codes: A Glimpse into Its Demographic

El Paso, Texas, a city rich in history, culture, and diversity, is made up of a tapestry of neighborhoods and communities, each with its own unique character. One way to delve into the city’s distinct areas is by exploring its various zip codes. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at El Paso’s zip codes, providing insights into their demographics, population, area, residential, and commercial aspects. So, let’s embark on a journey through the Sun City’s neighborhoods and discover what makes each zip code special.

The Diversity of El Paso Zip Codes

El Paso is a city of contrasts, from its bustling urban center to its serene suburban neighborhoods. Its zip codes reflect this diversity, with each one offering something unique. Below, we’ve compiled a table to give you a quick overview of El Paso’s major zip codes:

Here’s an extended table that includes all the zip codes in El Paso, along with some basic information about them:

Zip CodeDemographicsPopulationArea (Sq. Mi)Residential AreaCommercial Area
79901Historic & Artsy~22,0004.1Downtown LoftsRestaurants
79902Urban & Diverse~41,0006.9MixedLocal Businesses
79903Established & Community-Oriented~46,0005.6Residential HomesLocal Shops
79904Family-Friendly~59,0008.2Suburban HomesRetail Stores
79905Cultural & Historic~55,0006.7Residential MixLocal Markets
79906Military & Aerospace~22,00013.8Military HousingIndustrial Area
79907Growing & Diverse~78,00011.5Residential MixShopping Centers
79908Military & Vibrant~10,00017.9Military HousingLocal Businesses
79911Expanding & Upscale~6,00017.6Upscale HomesRetail Establishments
79912Suburban Bliss~87,00032.1Family HomesShopping Centers
79915Industrial & Residential~46,0005.5MixedLocal Businesses
79920Industrial & Commercial~1,00019.3Industrial AreaCommercial Establishments
79922Upscale & Exclusive~3,0001.3Exclusive HomesHigh-End Retail
79924Quiet & Family-Oriented~73,00024.7Residential HomesLocal Markets
79925Central & Convenient~54,0007.6Residential MixRetail Centers
79927Emerging & Residential~63,00018.7New HousingLocal Markets
79928Expanding & Diverse~85,00022.2Residential MixShopping Centers
79930Historic & Revitalizing~44,0006.1Residential MixLocal Businesses
79932Riverside Living~30,00016.1Riverside HomesLocal Establishments
79934Suburban & Tranquil~28,00018.4Family HomesLocal Retail
79935Diverse & Convenient~42,0008.5Residential MixRetail Centers
79936Diverse & Vibrant~121,00030.4NeighborhoodsRetail Stores
79938Growing & Expanding~62,00084.3New DevelopmentsBusinesses
79940University & Culture~19,0002.2University CampusLocal Eateries
79942Military & Industrial~1,0003.3Military FacilitiesIndustrial Zones
79944Military & Government~1,0000.6Military InstallationsGovernment Offices
79946Military & Airport~1,00016.6Military BaseAirport Facilities
79949Military & Education~1,0002.7Military FacilitiesEducational Institutions
79953Government & Commercial~1,0000.9Government OfficesCommercial Areas

These zip codes showcase the wide range of characteristics that make up the diverse tapestry of El Paso, Texas. Whether you’re looking for history, culture, tranquility, or vibrant urban life, you’ll find it within these distinct communities.

Now, let’s dive deeper into some major zip codes to better understand their unique characteristics.

79901 – Historic & Artsy

Zip code 79901, located in the heart of El Paso, is a vibrant and historic neighborhood. Known for its artistic community, this area is home to numerous art galleries, theaters, and cultural events. Its demographics reflect a mix of young professionals and artists who appreciate the charm of downtown living. The population is around 22,000, and it covers an area of 4.1 square miles. You’ll find a mix of renovated lofts and apartments, as well as a bustling restaurant scene that caters to diverse tastes.

79912 – Suburban Bliss

Moving to the western part of the city, zip code 79912 offers a taste of suburban living. With a population of approximately 87,000 and an expansive area of 32.1 square miles, this zip code is known for its peaceful family-oriented atmosphere. Residential areas are dotted with single-family homes, parks, and excellent schools. Shopping centers and eateries cater to the community, making it a great place for families.

79924 – Quiet & Family-Oriented

Located in the northeastern part of the city, zip code 79924 is a quiet and family-friendly community. The population stands at around 73,000 residents, and it covers an area of 24.7 square miles. This neighborhood is characterized by cozy residential homes, parks, and schools. Local markets provide convenient shopping options, and it’s a welcoming, close-knit community for families.

79936 – Diverse & Vibrant

Heading to the eastern part of El Paso, zip code 79936 is a diverse and vibrant area. The population is approximately 121,000, and it covers an area of 30.4 square miles. This neighborhood is a melting pot of cultures, with a variety of residential neighborhoods. You’ll find a wide range of retail stores, reflecting the diversity of the community. It’s a dynamic area where you can experience different cultures and cuisines.

79938 – Growing & Expanding

Lastly, zip code 79938, situated in the far east of El Paso, is an area marked by growth and expansion. The population is approximately 62,000, and it covers a vast area of 84.3 square miles, making it the largest zip code in the city. This area is seeing significant development, with new housing projects, businesses, and services emerging regularly. It’s a promising neighborhood for those looking to invest in El Paso’s future.

El Paso’s zip codes tell a story of a city that embraces diversity and offers a wide range of living experiences. Each zip code has its unique charm, from the historic and artsy downtown to the serene suburbs and the rapidly growing eastern neighborhoods. Whichever part of El Paso you find yourself in, you’re sure to encounter friendly faces and a strong sense of community that defines this beautiful Texan city.

As you explore El Paso, remember that the Sun City’s true beauty lies in its people, their stories, and the unique character of each neighborhood. So, whether you’re a resident or a visitor, take the time to discover what makes these zip codes so special.


Q1: What is the El Paso, TX ZIP code?

El Paso, Texas, encompasses a wide range of ZIP codes. Some of the major ZIP codes in the city include 79901, 79912, 79924, 79936, and 79938, each with its own unique characteristics and demographics. However, there are many more ZIP codes in El Paso that cater to different communities and neighborhoods.

Q2: Where is ZIP code 79998 located?

ZIP code 79998 is not a commonly used ZIP code in El Paso, Texas. It’s important to note that this code may not correspond to a specific area within the city. ZIP codes are typically assigned to particular regions, neighborhoods, or postal districts, and 79998 may not have a specific geographical location in El Paso.

Q3: Where is the 79912 area code?

The 79912 ZIP code covers the northwestern part of El Paso, Texas. This area is known for its suburban lifestyle and is characterized by single-family homes, parks, and shopping centers. It’s a peaceful and family-friendly part of the city.

Q4: What is Texas City’s ZIP code?

Texas City, which is a separate city located southeast of Houston in the state of Texas, has its own ZIP codes. The main ZIP codes in Texas City are 77590 and 77591. Each ZIP code corresponds to different neighborhoods and areas within the city of Texas City.

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