10 Fantastic Free Things to Do in Orlando, Florida

Are you planning a trip to Orlando, Florida, but looking for budget-friendly activities that won’t break the bank? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with a list of 10 amazing and entirely free things to do in this magical city. So, grab your sunscreen, put on your walking shoes, and get ready to explore Orlando without spending a dime.

1. Walt Disney World’s Boardwalk

Event: Enjoy the lively atmosphere of Walt Disney World’s Boardwalk, complete with street performers, restaurants, and shops. You can stroll around, take in the sights, and enjoy the entertainment without having to pay for park admission.

Timing: Open daily; times may vary.

Location: Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, FL.

2. Lake Eola Park

Event: Lake Eola Park offers a peaceful oasis in the heart of downtown Orlando. You can take a leisurely walk around the lake, enjoy the swan boats, or have a picnic in the park. Don’t forget to check out the iconic Lake Eola Fountain.

Timing: Open daily; the park usually opens at 6 a.m. and closes at 11 p.m.

Location: 512 E Washington St, Orlando, FL.

3. Thornton Park District

Event: Explore the charming Thornton Park District, known for its historic bungalows and vibrant community. You can take a self-guided walking tour to admire the architecture and enjoy the district’s lively atmosphere.

Timing: You can explore this district at your leisure.

Location: Thornton Park, Orlando, FL.

4. Disney Springs

Event: Disney Springs is a shopping and entertainment complex with live music, street performances, and unique stores. It’s an ideal spot for an evening of fun and magic without the cost of a theme park ticket.

Timing: Open daily; hours may vary.

Location: 1486 Buena Vista Dr, Orlando, FL.

5. Leu Gardens

Event: Visit the beautiful Harry P. Leu Gardens, where you can explore 50 acres of stunning gardens. Admission is free on the first Monday of every month, but even on other days, it’s well worth a visit for nature enthusiasts.

Timing: Open daily; hours vary by season.

Location: 1920 N Forest Ave, Orlando, FL.

6. Wall Street Plaza

Event: Wall Street Plaza in downtown Orlando is known for its vibrant nightlife. While the nightlife venues may charge for entry, the plaza often hosts free events, live music, and drink specials, creating a fantastic atmosphere.

Timing: Evenings and weekends are the best times for events.

Location: Wall St, Orlando, FL.

7. Arts and Culture: Cornell Fine Arts Museum

Event: Delve into the world of art at the Cornell Fine Arts Museum. Admission is always free, allowing you to explore a diverse collection of art, from classic to contemporary.

Timing: Open Tuesday through Sunday, hours may vary.

Location: 1000 Holt Ave, Winter Park, FL.

8. Outdoor Adventure: Black Bear Wilderness Loop Trail

Event: Nature lovers will appreciate the Black Bear Wilderness Loop Trail. It’s a scenic hiking trail in nearby Sanford, where you can spot wildlife and enjoy the great outdoors.

Timing: Open daily during daylight hours.

Location: 528 S Sanford Ave, Sanford, FL.

9. Family Fun: Farmers Markets

Event: Orlando hosts numerous farmers markets throughout the week. You can sample local produce, handcrafted goods, and enjoy live music and entertainment. Check out the schedule to find one that suits your visit.

Timing: Various markets on different days.

Location: Various locations across Orlando.

10. Nightlife: Church Street District

Event: Experience Orlando’s nightlife scene at the Church Street District. While some clubs and bars may have cover charges, you can often find free events, live music, and street performers to enjoy the atmosphere.

Timing: Evenings and weekends are the best times for nightlife.

Location: Church St, Orlando, FL.

Event Comparison Table

Here’s a handy table to compare all these fantastic free events:

Event NameTimingLocationWebsite Link
Walt Disney World’s BoardwalkOpen daily; times may varyWalt Disney World Resort, Orlando, FLDisney’s Boardwalk
Lake Eola ParkOpen daily; 6 a.m. – 11 p.m.512 E Washington St, Orlando, FLLake Eola Park
Thornton Park DistrictExplore at your leisureThornton Park, Orlando, FLThornton Park District
Disney SpringsOpen daily; hours may vary1486 Buena Vista Dr, Orlando, FLDisney Springs
Leu GardensOpen daily; hours vary1920 N Forest Ave, Orlando, FLHarry P. Leu Gardens
Wall Street PlazaEvenings and weekendsWall St, Orlando, FLWall Street Plaza
Cornell Fine Arts MuseumOpen Tue-Sun; hours vary1000 Holt Ave, Winter Park, FLCornell Fine Arts Museum
Black Bear Wilderness Loop TrailOpen daily during daylight hours528 S Sanford Ave, Sanford, FL[Black Bear Wilderness Loop Trail](https://www.seminolecountyfl.gov/departments

FAQs For Free Things to Do in Orlando

Q1: What park is free in Orlando?

Walt Disney World’s Boardwalk is a park in Orlando that offers free access. You can enjoy its vibrant atmosphere, street performers, restaurants, and shops without having to pay for park admission.

Q2: What is the famous strip in Orlando?

The famous strip in Orlando is known as “Disney Springs.” It’s a bustling shopping and entertainment complex that offers a vibrant atmosphere, live music, street performances, and unique stores. It’s an ideal spot for a fun and magical evening without the cost of a theme park ticket.

Q3: How do you get around Orlando cheaply?

To get around Orlando on a budget, you can use Lynx, the city’s public transportation system, which includes buses. Alternatively, consider rideshare services like Uber or Lyft for convenient and affordable travel within the city. Walking and biking are also viable options, especially in downtown areas.

Q4: What can you do in Orlando without a car?

Orlando offers several options for exploring without a car. You can use public transportation, such as buses or the SunRail commuter train. Downtown areas are often pedestrian-friendly, and you can also use rideshare services or take advantage of the I-Ride Trolley, which serves the International Drive area, a popular tourist destination.

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